Point of Intersection of Urban Development and Architecture – we are experts in tackling heterogeneous building projects marked by opposition. For this, we combine established planning tools with new development strategies, conceptual clarity with sensory spatial experience. We work with an approach going beyond the traditional standards and always view projects from different perspectives – from the large-scale urban structure to the perspective of the consumer. We have coined the term urban interiors which enables us to place the consumer in the foreground beyond all standards and to create open structures. This approach is defined by grasping the existing difficulties and limiting elements of a project and using them positively.

What do we do and for whom? We construct integral urban development and economic feasibility studies, framework, and master plans for residential and commercial districts and supervise these through the approval process to the completed constructed object. We work for cities, municipalities, project developers and property owners as well as for all those interested in urban development processes. We are registered consultants of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in the field of “New Building in Urban Districts.” The office has won a number of awards and distinctions at national and international competitions and has vast experience in cooperative processes.
Involvement and Planning: As urbanists, we think holistically and believe in the necessity of true communication processes. This is why, in beginning a project, we do not have any pre-formed development strategies in mind but rather the courage to consider the project with an open perspective. We work in an integrative interplay between planning and involvement and translate the ideas arising from this into new perspectives and concrete planning.