The exterior of the house is the interior of the city – Today living in the city draws its qualities not merely from the construction of an apartment or a house. Sustainable, quality living occurs more than ever in the poles between the location in the city, the neighbourhood, the direct environment and the actual residency.
In doing so, we face an increasing number of contrary demands, in particular in construction within the growing city – from the artistic, technical, ecological to the legal and economic level. As urbanists, we attempt to uncover and understand these interactions and relationships between house and city. As architects, we create definitive, diverse and always surprising living spaces out of this.

What we do and for whom? We develop and build residential projects of various sizes, from the residential quarter to the conversion of a listed attic, from the large-scale structure to the detailed interplay of space and furniture. Our customer base is broadly diversified, from private builders to commercial developers to constitutional developers and municipalities. For these we take over all service phases of the HOAI (“Fees for architectural and engineering services”). However, our expertise is often requested as early as the “service phase 0”, during the search, evaluation and economic conception of new projects and properties.