September 2021
And another recognition in cooperation with koeber landscape architecture: the Waldkraiburg swimming pool.

The Waldbad experiences a refreshment through our conversion concept towards more spatial qualities, sustainability and functionality. The qualities of the existing building are enhanced and supported by a clear architectural approach. The new pool is composed of a long house, a linear pool slab coordinated with it and a green technical hill. The new building features a covered plaza-like opening in its center to emphasize the entrance to the bath. The theme of the forest clearing is interpreted here by a round roof opening with a large tree. The structural facilities are surrounded by a tree-lined sunbathing lawn. In order to preserve the tree population, the pools are placed in the clearing-like center in a water band as a parallel correspondence to the new swimming pool building. A wide green strip separates the building from the swimming area and only in the area of the forecourt and the catering area do wide strips of treading slabs in the lawn connect the pool landscape with the building.