Today there is a need to design future-oriented solutions in open processes everywhere. Spatial systems are also to be understood as processes, because they are exposed to social, spatial, political and cultural changes. In this field of tension, in which different participants and their needs meet, dynamic and generative planning is indispensable for achieving high quality.

The focus is on people. In open processes we design future-oriented models for living together in cities and communities and for our cooperation in companies and organisations. With our open-ended work method, we enable generative and collaborative processes that allow the development of new properties, ideas and structures. It is important to us to process the results in such a way that they can be realised spatially and in terms of planning. Mutual giving and taking is an essential part of our work.

We see each project as a learning process with the aim of constantly optimising our planning and increasing the quality of the results. Our spectrum ranges from initiation, planning and control to implementation.Within the scope of project management, we support our customers in the organisation as well as in the area of cost and deadline controlling. Our clients range from private builders and commercial developers to constitutional developers and municipalities.

Urban planning: In addition to classical planning work, we develop and moderate project-specific communication and participation processes and integrate the gained information into vibrant places.

Spatial organisational development: We offer various modules of spatial organisational development for clients from trade, services and industry. Our starting point is a wide toolbox of methods. Employee involvement and careful needs assessment serve as a basis for designing communicative working environments and integrated work structure planning.

Project management: Based on many years of experience in planning and implementing a wide variety of projects – from large arenas and multi-purpose halls or city districts to individual residential and commercial buildings -we offer our experience in holistic project support depending on the project.