Project Description

A place of communication – the redesign of the Wupperpark into a protected and attractive inner city square. . The Wupperpark East area, part of the overall project ” Redesign Doeppersberg “, is centrally located in the city centre. The immediate proximity to the Wupper and the pedestrian zone as well as the substructure of the bunker complex are significant qualities of the area that are not currently in use. The adjacent intersection of two main traffic axes currently has a negative impact on public space. The aim of the project is to create a public space with the character of a green town square derived from the local conditions. In addition, two city blocks are planned on the site – the CafĂ© Cosa as the contact cafĂ© of the Job Centre and the FFuchtkrankenhilfe e.V. as well as an information pavilion for accommodating Wuppertal tourism with the cultural map function.

Space of possibilities Wupper The main idea of the concept lies in the formation of a backbone towards the highly trafficked road and the orientation of the public open space towards the river Wupper. This new space is constructed in two different elevations. The accessibility and lighting of the bunkers is ensured by a lower-situated terrace at the height of the supported bunker whereby a variety of uses are made possible. On the other side, the height difference to the Wupper is reduced and made accessible in a new, positive way. A green belt along the Wupper transforms the current drainage canal to a publicly accessible experience space.

Representative and social Based on the criterion of the maximum usability of a terrace, the two new buildings will be arranged as close as possible to the property boundaries, while maintaining the spacing areas. The functions of these two elements are formally linked via a walk-on roof at street level. The aim is the equivalence of the different uses – the representative as well as the social use. The only difference between the elements is their orientation: while the information pavilion is extroverted and serves as the entrance to the green terrace coming from the pedestrian zone, CafĂ© Cosa faces inwards.