Project Description

2nd Prize International Competition 2011, Whenzou[China]

The Olympic Sports Centre is a multifunctional district with generous green spaces and offers the basis for a sustainable coexistence. The extensive planning includes the basic urban concept and design of the athletics stadium for international competitions with over 60,000 seats as well as the planning of a multi-purpose sports hall, an Olympic swimming pool, a shopping mall, a Cineplex cinema and a congress centre. At the heart of the entire complex is a triangular public park. By raising the park, it will be possible to accommodate technical infrastructures, car parks and other special functions underneath. The striking shape of the Olympic Stadium and the raised park mark the intersection of important urban axes of Wenzhou.

Structure and energy: Drees and Sommer and DS-Plan, Stuttgart
Outdoor facilities: Rainer Schmid Landschaftsarchitekten, Munich