Project Description

3rd prize architecture competition

The urban space becomes the stage, the constructed city becomes the instruments, the action of the people becomes the playful dialogue with the city. Every obstacle becomes the challenge; a series of obstacles becomes parkour. The movement becomes art; its shadow becomes the image medium similar to an alphabet formed by acrobatic figures. In contrast, the Street Workout is like an outdoor weight room, the weights are one’s own body and that of the others, the figure code is allied with parkour, an audience is desired. And even on the small playing field, the spectators do not shy from boccia und boulder wall climbing.

Space as a training room The Action-Platz (action square) provides space for these trend sports and their followers and integrates the forecourt of the ice centre and the new sports hall with the ongoing events. A plateau is constructed on the northern side for the small playing field, the outdoor equipment room and the more placid senior sports. A forest-like grove integrates the functional elements such as training equipment, equipment room and ball stop nets. An arena of steps encompasses the centre between the ice centre and the new hall, seating steps and benches create space for the audience and are part of the parkour activities. The central square becomes the symbol of the urban space: Foundation curbs, obstacles and equipment are like a copy from the square’s ground plan, similar in colour and reduced to the simplest geometrical shapes.

Design and materiality On the one hand, the surface, step arena and training equipment should look as homogeneous as possible. In addition, precast concrete parts, asphalt and fall protection surfaces are coloured in sand, and matching steel parts and light poles are stove-enamelled. On the other hand, we have the natural colours and structures of tree trunks and robust wooden benches. Coloured asphalt is chosen with regard to the urban origin of the site. Drain asphalt is conceivable, but is viewed critically due to the poor permeability of the subsoil. Instead, underground retention devices are conceivable, which could possibly be coupled with irrigation systems at the tree sites and from neighbouring lawns. Square trees are equipped with areas around the tree, which are partly open and partly permeable. Barrier-free access is a matter of course. The large areas are designed with 2.5 % to max. 4%, and where necessary, they are equipped with additional ramps.

The brand ACTIONPLATZ The language of the street becomes the symbol of the square, the figures of the alphabet become an ornament and the ornament an address: The square lives from this image of shadows and does not stop at the architecture of the halls. The architecture itself becomes part of the movement landscape, the different sports are brought out in a visible way, large windows invite you to take a look.