Project Description

The VfB Young Talent Centre – a building with a special identification for fan culture. In the vicinity of the big stand-alone buildings of the stadium and the Mercedes-Benz-Museum, this building of the youth talent centre for VfB Stuttgart is comparatively small with 3,700 mÂČ gross floor space, but due to its bright red, dynamically shaped envelope it is visible from afar. The starting point of the project was the desire of the association to improve the spatial situation and expand the offer for the youth teams and the second team of the VfB.

Dynamics and movement The red slats on the upper floor take up the façade motif of the existing building and transform it into a three-dimensional, semi-transparent structure. Seen from the inside and outside, this structure changes according to the viewpoint of the observer and appears sometimes open, sometimes closed. The flowing transitions of the slats depict sequences of movements of the athletes and create a dynamic that refers to the function of the building as a sports building. The elements serve as privacy and sun protection and quote the characteristic red chest ring of the club jersey, which has already become an important point of identification in VfB’s fan culture.

Floor plan and room structure The structure of the Young Talent Centre is divided into three parts: The basement of the existing building is continued in the new building and articulated as an independent body in the base. Functionally, it creates a break between the public and the areas used internally by VfB. Access to the athletes’ area with changing rooms for guest teams, youth teams, VfB II, coaches and referees is via the pavilion building in the south. In the centre, a deep courtyard with a football tennis court opens up and allows natural lighting of the corridor areas in the basement. This is where the connection to the old clubhouse is located. The atrium also creates a natural barrier between the public and the club area on the terrace. The newly created square above the base serves as a “grandstand” to the neighbouring Schlienz Stadium and as a terrace of the club restaurant. On the massive base is the recessed transparent body of the ground floor with reception, trainer offices, meeting and training rooms. The volume of the upper floor is designed as a cantilevered component and ends on three sides with the outer contours of the base. Behind the body, which is also fully glazed, are the gym and gymnastics rooms, sauna and wellness areas as well as medical and physiotherapy rooms.
Intelligent design and innovative energy concept All loads on the upper floor are transferred via filigree traction cables into the roof and further into the core area of the building, so that highly flexible, column-free rooms are created.
The house is supplied with electricity and heat by a cogeneration unit and cooled in summer by activating the concrete ceilings. The lawn heating of the neighbouring training fields is used to generate hot water in summer.

Supporting structure: Schlaich, Bergermann und Partner sbp, Stuttgart
Energy: EGS Plan GmbH, Stuttgart