Project Description

Space Layers. The installations of the new service centre were developed from the outside to the inside and composed like layers of a landscape. An empty shop in the base of the Tagblatt Tower in Stuttgart was renovated and converted into a customer centre for Stadtwerke Stuttgart. The presence in urban areas was important for the external presentation of the energy provider. The used colours and materials strengthen the perception of the different foregrounds and backgrounds.

Innovation and the down-to-earth nature of the Swabians In just four months and with an extremely tight budget, a spatial concept was implemented that is what makes Stuttgarter Stadtwerke so special: The down-to-earth nature of the Swabians and proximity to the citizen as well as progressiveness, high quality and environmental awareness. In this project, existing structures and elements were taken up for cost reasons and integrated into the new design.

High quality and environmental awareness The memorable design of the walls, with a variety of insights and perspectives is zoning the interior: differently dimensioned wall sections in white, blue, green and yellow shades alternate with walls made of oak. A backlit lamella structure in front of some of the coloured walls, also made of oak wood, guides customers in and through the room. The colouring and the targeted use of the newly introduced LED lighting in combination with the partially twisted slats lead to a dynamic depth effect. The careful detailing of the furniture and cladding reflects the attitude of the municipal utilities in their relations with their customers.

6.2014 AIT, 10/2014 Journal Architekten und Planer