Project Description

“SPORTSCUBE”. A modular timber construction system, which can be realised as a school sports hall, crèche or canteen at various locations. Changing leisure and exercise needs within society call for a fundamental expansion of standardised and competition-oriented sports facility construction with multifunctional play and exercise areas. Research projects and demand observations in recent years forecast future-oriented increased space requirements of smaller user groups for versatile activities with sporting, social, artistic and musical aspects. Furthermore, there is a need for multifunctional rooms for schools, e.g. for a school canteen or auditorium.

An economically, energetically and ecologically forward-looking concept planning with high architectural recognition value was developed for today’s sports facility construction, adapted to the current spatial requirements. The result is the “Cube”, a modular multifunctional building structure that can be realised at a wide variety of locations. Two closed bodies opposite each other define the playing surface as the centre of the hall. This clamped free space is visible through generous glazing. The exterior becomes the interior and vice versa. The resulting “window”, framed by the side structures of the serving rooms, becomes the identification feature of the “SPORTSCUBE”.
The projecting outer corners of the rooms focus on the playing field and, reinforced by the roofing, line the communication zones of the terrace on both sides of the hall. The architecture uses the concept of the classical threefold division. The elevated base, the spatial structure with the window and the dominant roof edge form one unit.