Project Description

In cooperation with the planning office Deyle GmbH

The wraparound and glassed facade generates an exciting dialogue between building and its environment. The environment as well as the existing trees are reflected in the transparent glass surface. As a result, an almost immaterial effect is produced.

At the Sportpark Rheinhöhe there is a new public bath planned as replacement of the leisure pool on Mainzer Straße that is in need of renovation. In addition to the existing uses a family or non-nude sauna is provided in the outdoor area. As replacement of the artificial ice rink, that is also in need of renovation, a new ice rink will be realized at the same location. Furthermore, office rooms are integrated.

The core planning idea pursue a linear and high scaled spatial design between Konrad-Adenauer-Ring and the adjacent landscape with the residential area on Erlenweg. In this way, new edges are formed on the transition of the major structures of school, sport and administration buildings. Furthermore, an appropriate transition to the low and small-scaled residential area in Erlenweg is generated.

Roofs as trademarks | Design guidelines are developed by the unique natural environment and the integration of the urban spaces of the new Sportpark. In this way, approaches for the urban space and architecture as well as functional approaches can be derived. The horizontal roofs that follows the topography, form the trademark of the new Sportpark and generates a high recognition value. Swimmers are offered stimulating and carefully elaborated spaces in the interior and exterior. At his location architecture merges with topography. By embedding the new building in the environment, the volume of the building seems reduced and is integrated in a harmonic way in the urban and natural situation.

The concept proposes a three-storey building. Its storey ceiling and the intense green roofs are derived from landscape lines of the topography. The main entrance is designed with an inviting gesture and can be easily find by visitors. Under the greatly projecting roofs the view into the interior of the Sportpark is opened. Pedestrians can have a view from the courtyard to observe the lively atmosphere inside.

At this exposed location with its trees, that are worthy of preservation, there is generated the image of a leaf canopy. This canopy is implemented in a playful abstraction to the architectural space. The effect of this association promises an exciting indoor experience with high-quality interior atmosphere for all visitors. The result is a comfortable and warm haptic in the interior of the Sportpark.