Project Description

1st prize integrated planning competition for the new sports hall [2014]

The colour red as symbol and effect for drive, movement and activity. The new sports hall in Postbauer-Heng is located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre and town hall. Due to its exposed location, the hall will be visible from afar and provide orientation as an architectural landmark. The urban planning situation is reflected in a clear, self-confident, compact hall body oriented to all sides.

Floating roof panel The basic conceptual idea is the cantilevered “roof panel”, which seems to “float” over the landscape through the outer façades glazed on all sides. The vegetation as well as the existing trees are reflected in the glass surfaces, so that the building shell has an almost immaterial effect. The “floating roof panel” forms the new architectural landmark of the town. The volume of the sports hall is adequately reduced by lowering the pitch and the changing areas and thus blends harmoniously into the small-scale urban development situation.

Room texture colour The clear architectural structure finds its correspondence in the functional division with the spectator level in level 1 and the sports level in level 0 as well as in the realisation of the chosen materials in relation to the interior effect of their texture and colour. For the arena with sports floor, baffle walls and telescopic grandstands as well as all floors and walls of the “functional clasp” on Level 1, we deliberately have chosen an intensive red shade that covers and holds all parts together like a “throw”. For us, red stands for drive, movement, activity and sport. The result is an abstraction that emphasizes the plasticity of the body and enters into an exciting dialogue under the floating roof panel to create a spatial connection to the landscape.

Supporting structure: Furche Geiger Zimmermann, Koengen