Project Description

As a “compact building”, the sports and cultural centre generates synergies between existing and new buildings and creates a clear orientation as well as an urban and open space classification at this exposed location. The concept for the realisation of the new sports centre includes the renovation of the swimming pool as well as the dismantling and new construction of the changing rooms and the sports hall. The demolition and new construction of the changing rooms and the sports hall offers a “new opportunity” for the development of an overall concept that deals sensitively with the existing swimming pool and also implements the required spatial planning in a new building structure with a view to the future.

Communication of the building The urban development situation is reflected in a clear, self-confident, compact structure oriented to all sides. The result is a new “hall duo” that offers all sports uses. The central architectural idea is the “communication of the building”, which is implemented by the outer façades glazed on all sides in an alternation of transparent and translucent surfaces. The surroundings and the existing trees are reflected in the transparent glass surfaces, so that the building shell has an almost immaterial effect. This “surrounding façade wall” creates an exciting dialogue between the building and its surroundings. The sports centre thus arouses the curiosity of the surroundings or the users and creates a high overall aesthetic effect.

Functionality and building structure The clear architectural structure is reflected in the functional division with the spectator and swimming pool levels on Level 1 and the sports hall on Level 0. The foyer on level 1 opens to the north with a representative entrance area. Functional areas are located in the middle area with direct connection to the foyer. With the help of a mobile partition wall, any kind of cultural event can take place in the direct connection of the foyer and the practice room. Level 0 is designed as a compact area under the changing room of the indoor swimming pool, the grandstand and the functional areas of Level 1. The hall area can be divided into two to three parts using mobile partition curtains. The equipment rooms as well as the storage and control room are located under the grandstand and thus enable the transparent execution of the façade to the schoolyard to the east. This creates an exciting spatial dialogue between the sports hall and the outdoor space or schoolyard.