Project Description

The representative and sustainable new building of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH (FSG) creates a variety of space situations for communication and concentration. Located in the middle of the Airport City, it offers space for 310 FSG office workstations on five floors as well as approx. 1,400 m² of rental space on two staggered floors. The building has an atrium facing west, creating a representative main entrance. With its height graduation, the building takes up the heights of the neighbouring buildings. The situation at the top of Flughafenstrasse is accentuated by a protrusion of the two top floors to the west. The south wing is extended to the west, so that the entrance forecourt is defined and grasped.

Office landscape The Skyport accommodates an individually tailored office landscape with open office solutions, group and individual offices, retreat areas, think tanks, meeting rooms, informal meeting points, seminar and training rooms and a large conference area. The office floor plans are highly flexible and variably designed and respond to the needs of the individual FSG departments. All office workstations are equipped with height-adjustable tables, pharmacist’s cabinets for individual storage and LED lighting. The central meeting point is located in the north wing towards the entrance. The conference centre and a training room are located along Flughafenstrasse. The inner courtyard can also be used for events. Smaller meeting rooms are attached to the inner courtyard. The adjacent room and service zones are located on the east side for delivery purposes. The two top floors are rented out and each has a roof terrace as staggered floors. From this point the user has an excellent view in all directions.

DGNB certification in gold The building is equipped with the latest, sustainable building technology and building equipment (photovoltaics, concrete core activation, additional heating and cooling sails in the workplace area, displacement ventilation, etc.) and has received DGNB certification in gold.