Project Description

A jewel in the portfolio – colourfulness, materiality and lighting concept determine the atmosphere of the new Ratskeller. The New town hall in Pforzheim is a prime example of the architecture of the 1970s: the form and materiality of the massive exposed concrete building correspond to the aesthetic preferences of that time. Now the listed building had to be completely redeveloped and fire protection in particular had to be upgraded.

Monument protection vs. fire protection A special challenge was the strict requirements of the preservation of historical monuments: existing structures could not be changed and all measures must be reversible. In addition, fire protection required that the formerly open and multi-storey foyer area, into which the Ratskeller has moved, must be completely decoupled from the rest of the town hall.

Radiance in public space In the course of the redevelopment, the traditional “Ratskeller” was moved to a new location in the building. It now faces the pedestrian zone towards the market square and brings more life into the public space. A covered fire protection case closes the existing joint and at the place where in the past was a dark shaft, today a shimmering gold and light-permeable ceiling construction shields the restaurant. This not only solves functional requirements, but is also a special eye-catcher and main design feature. The ornaments on the interior, brass-coated cladding refer to Pforzheim’s long tradition as a goldsmith’s town.