Project Description

2nd place competition for the Canstatt housing cooperative [2014]

The activation of a listed apartment building as an initial spark for a vital neighbourhood. The arrangement of the buildings, the development and open space concept form a hierarchy of differently usable rooms, which will significantly increase the quality of the required uses. A neighbourhood square will be created between the kindergarten and the neighbourhood café, a neighbourhood meeting point will be located between the two new buildings. The concept envisages the transformation of the largely sealed courtyard, which is used as a parking lot, into a green inner courtyard that can be used for many different generations.

Indoors and outdoors In the “green belt ” that connects everything, not only planting fields but also playgrounds with different uses are presented. In the interaction of indoor and outdoor spaces, every user group – whether old or young, residents or direct neighbours – can stay in their own, individually usable areas. This is particularly important for older residents who will move from their big apartments, which are not suitable for the elderly, to small, barrier-free apartments. In this way, existing social contacts can be maintained in the neighbourhood.