Project Description

3rd prize in the urban development competition Buergerhospital area/ AWS Stuttgart-North in cooperation with Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur [2017]

Living between city and green – The basic quality of the design lies in the interlocking of these elements. Diverse, urban living with green retreats is made possible. A regulatory, meandering belt will be formed that both incorporates new structures and naturally integrates existing buildings. This will create a central, public action belt that will serve as the backbone connecting the region´s public hospital with the Coop area in the northeast and the AWS area in the southwest. The belt is understood as a significant reference element around which the various social and public institutions are arranged.

Social Neighbourhoods Four neighbourhood centres are linked along the belt which are essentially characterised by the social institutions, the existing buildings, commercial uses in the ground floor zones and a spatial development graded from public to private. In this way, different identities are formed in each case. There are diverse activity offers for different generations in the five neighbourhood centres. A sports area, playground, kindergartens and the “urban water” provide versatility designed open spaces.

Residential diversity The flexible combination of varied types of buildings from classic two, three and four flats produces great diversity in the region and arranges the distinct main structure of urban development in readable, detailed plots. Here, social rented flats, rental flats for middle level income earners and privately financed flats as well as shares of the area for units are socially acceptably mixed and economically feasibly arranged. Moreover, specific variants such as stacked duplex flats, cluster flats and micro-flats are offered depending on the situation. The structure of the former nurses’ dormitory has been adapted in order to create the micro-flats. The wide typological range ensures the integration of a variety of social and cultural backgrounds, generations and lifestyles.

Gentle mobility – car-poor area The main access to the area for motorised individual traffic is via Tuerlenstrasse, Wolframstrasse and Tunzhoferstrasse, each of which has access to underground car parks. Taking advantage of the special topographical situation, the AWS area has an above-ground parking area with gardens. The individual buildings are usually directly accessible from the garages.
For pedestrians and cyclists, the Gruene Spange is the central connection to the quarter. The area itself is poor in cars, the action spectrum is designed as a shared space for foot and bicycle traffic. Internal development is only intended for waste collection, rescue and fire-fighting vehicles and temporarily for the delivery of the apartments. A mobility station is planned at Tuerlenstrasse and Wolframstrasse to promote environmentally friendly mobility.