Project Description

The parking garage ’Neckarpark’ will be the center of the new mixed-use district. Furthermore, it will mark the entrance to the new quarter due to its prominent position. The planned building will fulfill two important functions for the future use: on the one hand, the building serves as a parking garage for cars and bikes of the residents, on the other hand, the energy supply of the quarter is ensured by the integrated energy center in this new building. On the east side of the parking garage a clear edge to the new planned neighborhood place is formed. From this point a new pedestrian way in form of a red stair sculpture connects the parking area with the housing area. As a counterpart to that there is a striking emergency staircase on the west side. The entrances and exits of the parking garage are visually highlighted by a canopy in shape of a l-formed concrete bolt. The Neckar-biking trail goes along the southern side of the building. On the ground floor there is a bike station that connects the interior and exterior space by its glazed facade and brings life into the new building. For this reason, the building is not a purely functional building, but also fulfill representative tasks.

Facade design The representative appearance of the building is reflected in the design of the facade that is structured in layers. The diamond-shaped support structure, that is made of steel, is covered by a stainless-steel net. This net serves as fall protection and at the same time as climbing devices for facade greening.
The north side of the building is characterized by colored elements made of glass and Plexiglas. It functions as sound and glare protection. Therefore, the steel construction and the stainless-steel net is continued. The elements are arranged as scales on different layers and overlay each other. In this way, no soundwaves can get out of the parking garage. At the same time this structure functions as natural ventilation. A lively and inviting facade with a special spatial depth is generated. In this way the parking garage reacts appropriately to the new urban district.
The required facade greening can be realized only on the east, south and west facade because the northern facade is covered by noise protection elements. For the facade greening potted plants are integrated in the steel construction. Virginia creeper, as a local plant, is provided for the planting and establishes a connection to the nearby vineyards. To pretend standing water the planting pots have drainage channels. The planting pots, the drainage system and also the watering can be reached from each parking level.

Energy center The energy center provides the supply with heat energy of the new quarter. The energy is recovered, temporarily stored and reused in the main collector on Benzstraße. In the energy center there is a buffer storage, a cogeneration unit and a gas installation. The access is located on the west side. The gas transfer station and power supply for the energy center as well as rooms for the current measurements and the service for the system technology are arranged on Benzstraße. The planning of the required rooms was done in close coordination for and with the Department for Environmental Protection of the City Stuttgart. The energy center is separated from the parking garage and used autonomously.