Project Description

A project of zipherspaceworks Fleitz | Ippolito | Schneider | Weismann Partnership [1998-2001]

The Panama Advertising Agency – diverse and powerful, lively and creative, differentiated and direct. After twelve years, it was time for the Stuttgart advertising agency Panama to take the step out of the second row of an exclusive residential area and position itself visibly with its own building. The building at Eugensplatz 1 is a first-class address with an impressive and unobstructable view of the Stuttgart basin.

Self-confident The house itself is visible from afar. The oversized lamp on the terrace positions Panama even more strongly at the place and shows at the same time the claim of the agency to position brands self-confidently. At night, the almost intimate lighting makes this gesture seem introverted and concentrated. The linearity of the internal structure of the inventory is taken over both in the design and in the organization, the interior architecture is made tangible in spatially and atmospherically differentiated layers.

Colour becomes space is programme Visitors enter their own, different world and embark on a journey through Panama. The ground floor is mainly dedicated to arrivals, the colours are most intense and passionate. They are the start and synopsis of what awaits the visitors on the upper floors.


zipherspaceworks Fleitz | Ippolito | Schneider | Weismann Partnerschaft, 1998-2001


contractworld.award 2002

Beispielhaftes Bauen Stuttgart 1997-2001



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10/2008 Inspiration Office (Deutschland), 01/2007 Lobby Design (Deutschland), 04/2004 The other office (Deutschland), 03/2004 40 Räume (Deutschland), 04/2002 selected views (Deutschland), 02/2001 Beispielhaftes Bauen (Deutschland)


12/2001 Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Deutschland)


06/2002 Baunetz (Deutschland)


10/2002 Regiolux (Deutschland)