Project Description

Far-sightedness – the new residents on the Haigst enjoy a spectacular view of Stuttgart city centre. The building is located in one of the best residential areas in the district of Degerloch directly on the “Kesselrand”. At the back it borders on the historic orchards. This makes the property a very high-quality residential location. In 1962 the existing building was built by the Protestant church as a functional parish hall without any special qualities. Due to the complicated building law situation, demolition and redevelopment were not economically feasible.

An attitude towards the contemporary The building has been modified in such a way that on the one hand the usable space has been increased by 25 % and on the other hand the structure can meet the contemporary requirements of high-quality living. The one-sided orientation of the floor plans away from the view is eliminated here in the middle of a generous, interconnecting residential area that is oriented towards both the view and greenery. Between both qualities, an open combined kitchen/living space now creates the central hub of the family life. Generously designed bathrooms and rooms with partially separated dressing rooms complete the kitchen/living space.