Project Description

The renovation of the New Town Hall comprises a number of measures to adapt the listed building in accordance with the requirements of today’s state building regulations with regard to fire protection as well as work regulations and regulations on places of assembly. Since the listed building in Pforzheim was inaugurated in 1973, the requirements for fire protection have changed fundamentally. The redevelopment of around 13 million euros was completed in 14 construction phases. Half of an office floor was always designated as a redevelopment section. The fire protection renovation in the New Town Hall comprises a multitude of measures to adapt the preventive fire protection to today’s state building regulations and the technical regulations of workplaces and assembly areas.

Redevelopment under monument protection The challenge is to make the listed building secure for the users with the available means and to adapt the architecturally sophisticated design to the currently valid regulations. Coordination with the fire brigade and the preservation of monuments was always indispensable. The building services and electrical engineering must also be modernised to enable full fire protection renovation. On the ground floor of the New Town Hall the new Ratskeller has been installed. The New Town Hall in Pforzheim was once planned and built by Stuttgart architect Rudolf Prenzel and interior designer Maria Herta Witzenmann.