Project Description

Competition entry in the context of the restricted competition “New administration building of the foundation Unionhilfswerk”.

The new administration building of the Unionhilfswerk lays the cornerstone for the further development of the area of the former bock brewery. A mix of housing, culture and trade reinforces the diversity of the neighbourhood and increases the street’s quality of life in this area. The area of the brewery can be developed in several phases. It is possible to gradually replace the existing one- to two-storey buildings at Schwiebusser Strasse with multi-storey buildings that create street spaces. To the east of the new building, the green area, which is covered with valuable trees, will be preserved and developed into a neighbourhood square. A landscape staircase with steps facing south, mediates between the higher level of the brewery area and the road and invites passers-by to linger. Following the historical use of the brewery, a gastronomy with beer garden on the northern edge of the square is conceivable at this spot.

In dialogue with your vis-├á-vis On the south side, the building is in dialogue with the Sagebiel building by reacting to projections and recesses and constructing a strict fa├žade grid. The window formats refer to the vis-├á-vis, but develop a formal independence. The big cubature of the six-storey new building is zoned and structured by slight projections and recesses and receives a high plasticity: A portion of the building projecting southwards from the first storey and a glassed storey-high foyer above a corner create a prominent situation and contribute to the formation of the address with a welcoming gesture towards Mehringdamm. With a three-storey recess to the north, the new building assumes the building height of the nursing home and prevents the shade from reaching the nursing home rooms on the south side. A slightly protruding head of a building the northeast makes reference to the access point from Fidicinstrasse. The fa├žade emanates a modest and, at the same time, with its floor-to-floor glazing, a generous and open atmosphere through is simple and distinct arrangement.

Flexibility With a room-high glazing, the main entrance with the foyer opens onto Schwiebusser Strasse at ground level. The high ground floor mediates between the street and the ground level of the courtyard. The difference in height manifests itself as seating steps in the foyer. The directly adjacent conference area can be fully opened and used for larger events. On all floors, lounge and waiting areas for visitors are directly adjacent to the centrally located stairwell. The upper floors are divided around a central core area into a western and an eastern zone with a good overview and high spatial quality. With an extension grid of 1.35 m, the building will have a sustainable structure with high flexibility.