Project Description

Family living between the Wilhelminian period and loft – the experience of old and new classes as the main topic of the revitalisation of an empty Wilhelminian style building. The former commercial area on the ground floor was not marketable, a residential use by the direct situation at the street seemed unattractive and was not conceivable at first. Only with the idea of a green inner courtyard and the opening of the rooms to it, a spacious residential landscape was created combining the Wilhelminian style with an open loft. The flat combines the quality of its central location with that of a quiet retreat.

Context as material A colour and room concept developed from the lighting situation on the ground floor supports these double qualities by picking up tones from the existing materials of the surroundings and thus creating visual relationships from the inside to the outside. Based on the greying effect of the perception of a landscape, discreet colours were chosen for the flat colour walls, which directly refer to the exterior space (brick walls, sandstone bases, trees…). The former sandstone outer wall is preserved from the outside to the inside and integrated into the design of the kitchen. The initial disadvantage of the ground floor situation was resolved, the exterior and interior spaces intertwine, and the living space is extended to the next block edge.