Project Description

Invitation to the interior – the concert and congress house as a landmark in the landscape that is visible from afar and creates identity. The building is oriented along its long side towards the city of Constance and is in direct dialogue with other striking urban structures. Surrounded by a transparent shell, the building shines far into the Bay of Constance. The concert hall inside opens with a large panoramic window to the city.

Generator of public life The KKH is not only an event location before, during and after the event, but also becomes a generator of public life through additional uses such as a restaurant, caf├ę and terraces. Coming from the promenade, visitors are welcomed at the forecourt with old trees. Visitors are guided to the main level by large ramps and stairs via the glazed entrance foyer at this point. The 4.50 m high floor offers a panoramic view of the lake and the city of Constance.

Layers A compact, functional cube forms the core of the multi-layered structure. The focus is on the large, multifunctional concert hall with its acoustic fixtures made of bright wooden surfaces. It is surrounded by an acoustically effective reinforced concrete core and a ring of functional surfaces. The third layer is formed by a circumferential foyer area, which represents an intensive reference to the surrounding landscape.