Project Description

Development Workshop for LHS Stuttgart with prof. Susanne Duerr, Karlsruhe, and prof. Alex Wall, KIT and Charlottesville University of Virginia (2005)

Three days, many people, lively discussions and even more ideas – an integrative transformation process for Feuerbach-East. Every German city has different industrial estates that are more or less separated from the city centre. Mostly located on the outskirts of the cities and surrounded by conventional and featureless project developments. What structural and spatial mechanisms are necessary to manage the transformation and return of these areas to the general perception of them as an integrated part of cities? This transformation process is complex, time-consuming and involves many different participants. In a three-step workshop, four contradictory scenarios were developed for the area in eastern Stuttgart. These were discussed and weighed intensively by the interdisciplinary committee with regard to their practicability. In the overlapping of partial aspects, concrete proposals for action could finally be brought together for the location and recommended to the political committees.