Project Description

Orientation point in the middle of the park landscape – surrounded on all sides by forest, the property forms an island in the existing vegetation. The new ice arena in Weisswasser is located on the former grounds of the open-air stadium outside the city centre in the planned ” Upper Lusatian Sports and Leisure Park”. The orthogonal hall body with dimensions of approx. 82 m x 62 m offers a spectator capacity of up to 3,000 people. Designed as a multifunctional hall, it provides new space not only for sports events, concerts, trade fairs, conferences, but also for private, company and club celebrations.

Architecture made of light With a formal language and materiality reduced to the essentials, a building is created that is defined by the interplay of light and shadow. The surrounding profiled glass façade creates a bright interior in which the translucent façade corresponds with the ice surface, the white chairs and the exposed concrete surfaces. At night, the body shines out from the inside and gives a shadowy impression of the contours of the inner components and the visitors.

Supporting structure: wh-p GmbH Beratende Ingenieure, Stuttgart