Project Description

Between dream and reality – highest living quality despite a narrow, deep floor plan and few usable intermediate zones. When the semi-detached house was built in the 1980s, the ambiguous building law situation meant that the border distances had to be increased at the end of the approval planning phase. The task was therefore, on the one hand, to strengthen the connection of the living floor and, on the other hand, to create clear and pleasant room situations for the individual functions. For this purpose, the concept provides three levels of measures:

Usability Soft ceiling elements were developed from the existing floor plan, which combine and simultaneously structure the individual areas by their height development. At the furniture level, the kitchen and dining area are seen as a unit, but the kitchen area should not appear too open for living.

Flexibility A wall screen guided between living and eating on the ceiling enables a wide variety of opening and closing options. In this way, an open floor plan oriented towards the view, a quiet dining situation or an intimate living area can be created.

Atmosphere The white ceiling elements together with the light terrazzo floor form a basic context that makes the flat appear bright and white. At second glance, strongly accentuated niches in colour form relationships between the sub-areas and the exterior space. Depending on the functionality of the furniture, this is complemented by living wood, which in turn is countered by quiet lacquered surfaces whose colour is taken from the wood.