Project Description

Competition new building administration building Helukabel [2016]

Technical perfection, efficiency and uniqueness stand for the new Helukabel administration building. The symbolic building marks the beginning of the entire Helukabel area and simultaneously the entrance to Hemmingen. The formally independent but at the same time compact building occupies the city entrance self-confidently and redefines it.

Equal rights The curved shape of the building is derived from the optimum utilisation of the building site. There are no backsides, the building is equally oriented on all sides. In its fine structure the house refers to the different situations of the surroundings, through the cantilever at the main entrance, it turns towards the entrance to the village, through balcony windows in the office floors to the open landscape area in the northwest.

Spaciousness and open atmosphere The compact ring-shaped structure creates high-quality room situations on all sides. With a clear room height of 3.05 m and an extension grid of 1.40 m, the form guarantees maximum flexibility and optimum lighting with maximum space efficiency at the same time. The office concept is designed as a storey divided into two apartments with an open middle zone. It offers great freedom for both open and closed individual or group offices, as well as for any bigger office zones desired in the future. Multi-layered views from the offices to the inner courtyard and out into the landscape convey an open atmosphere.

Supporting structure and energy concept: DS-Plan GmbH, Stuttgart