Project Description

Recognition Award at the competition Library Heidenheim in cooperation PS.PLANUNGSSTUDIO and LINIE ZWEII (2013)

The Heidenheim Library as an impulse generator for the transformation of the former correctional facility into an active, urban space. The library is located in the northern part of the property; on the southern part a public plaza connects to the city centre. The new library square with its diverse display activates the urban space and strengthens the connection between two central pedestrian axes. An atrium divides the building into two parts, allowing access for visitors coming from both directions. The house presents itself open and inviting.

The shelf as construction, filter and object in urban space The urban library can be seen as an arrangement of public space zones and functions that animate the urban space. These public functions are defined over all floors by shelf-like wall elements, which on the one hand can accommodate the supporting structure and the building technology and on the other hand act as a filter between the room zones.

Sustainability through linking On the urban planning level, the linking of pedestrian axes and the activation of public space will initiate sustainable development. The compact library building, clearly anchored in the city, strengthens the quarter and allows further future development on the east and south sides. The central atrium brings natural light down to the lower floors and provides the reading areas with daylight. In the summer months it can provide natural air circulation through openings in the glass roof and thus natural cooling of the building. The glass surfaces in the central roof area can be shaded with integrated PV modules.