Project Description

1st prize competition for the new building of the Green Depot in cooperation with Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur.

In its specific form, the Green Depot forms hybrids between buildings and landscape. Due to the exposed location of the area on the edge of the BUGA (Federal Horticultural Show), special demands are placed on the future development in terms of use, design, networking and sustainability. In response to the special quality of the location, the Werkhof is seen as an integral part of the BUGA area.

Green depot The depot is characterised by an independent “landscape frame.” The administration building oriented towards Feudenheim provides the depot with its address. By lowering the yard area by ca. 2 m and creating a sloped embankment circling the yard in the north, west and east, the depot is embedded in the landscape. At the same time, a natural privacy and sound barrier to the neighbouring residential building is created. The embankment is understood as a continuation of the park landscape and is accessible to the visitors and interested citizens. All commercial and company vehicles are housed under the green embankment edge. The workshops are thematically grouped in the three available single buildings adorned with green roofs in the interior courtyard.

The southern end of the area is formed by the four-storey company building, which combines offices and social rooms. It shields the depot from residential buildings and forms a gate situation to the city park with the line of residential buildings to the south. The building is designed as a hybrid construction. The façades are designed with wooden slats made of solid squared timber at different depths (10-20 cm) to emphasise the sustainable but robust character of the building.