Project Description

First prize in the Design and Build procedure 2013, Client City of Stuttgart, in cooperation and on behalf of Ed. ZĂŒblin AG, completion 2015

The scenic location of the Waldau stadium sports and recreation area is the starting point of the overall concept. The concept envisages the redefinition of the stadium interior and the increased integration of the stadium into the surrounding landscape. The new grandstand with 2,200 seats holds the southern side of the pitch along its entire length, giving the stadium a uniform, closed character.

Horizontal and functional layering The basic idea for the building is the horizontal and functional layering on three levels with a functional and service level on the ground floor, an elevated entrance promenade on level 1 and an attractive lounge floor (level 2) with a panoramic view of the pitch and landscape. The fundamental goals of the design are the maximum closeness of the spectators to the game and the optimisation of the spectator’s view of the pitch. The special shape of the south-easterly opening, cantilevered building gives it its unmistakable identity. With the redesign of the main grandstand, the necessary licensing requirements of the German Football Association will be met.

Supporting structure: wh-p GmbH Beratende Ingenieure, Stuttgart