Project Description

1st Prize Competition Design Concept of the DGNB Office [2013] in cooperation with prof. Susanne Duerr / Karlsruhe and prof. Alex Wall / KIT / Charlottesville University of Virginia, Implementation Process 2014

Spatial design as an open-ended process using the example of the DGNB Living Showroom. This concept reacts with an “urban development approach” that provides a robust and at the same time flexible basic concept based on the existing building and the communication appearance of the DGNB. The concrete design was subsequently the result of intensive discussions between the planner, the association and the member companies engaged in form of donations in kind.

Developing and Communication The Corporate Identity of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) is reflected in the interior. Leaning on the DGNB Logo, the front sides of the surfaces and the parapets form a colourful, spatial line. This combines all areas of the supervisory system of the DGNB. The colourful lines merge into furniture and partition walls at many points. The line conforms flexibly to the internal process of the DGNB. It distinguishes between working areas and special areas and accentuates areas of encounter. Acoustically effective elements and effect lighting are integrated in the extended ceiling areas. The design of the special areas is based on the free geometry of the building, the working areas are regular and reserved. The “Living Showroom” presents certified building products of the DGNB visually and haptically.