Project Description

In cooperation with integral ruedi baur zürich and Transsolar KlimaEngineering [2010].

The City Pavilion – interactive, eventful and emotional. As part of a project study, three different modern, sustainable and at the same time authentic design concepts were developed in 2010. The aim was to design international exhibition pavilions that can be flexibly adapted to their surroundings and can easily be set up on site thanks to their modular construction.

Exceptional communication This new concept creates optimal communication platforms for both the public and the press. By selecting suitable communication content and objects, young target groups are addressed in a courageous, relaxed and unconventional way. This is achieved by selecting suitable communication content and objects. Common prejudices and distance to the brand will be reduced.

Corporate Identity The design includes a modern staging and interpretation of the brand, uses an unexpected and new language, creates interaction, experience and emotionality.