Project Description

In collaboration with prof. Susanne Duerr, Karlsruhe [2015]

A quarter is redefining itself – the qualification of the listed workers’ housing estate Cité Emile Mayrisch. The municipality of Schifflange has been dealing with issues of development and qualification of the city area for several years. For a long time, the listed workers’ housing estate played only a subordinate role, although it represents a special cultural value and lies strategically as a “stepping stone” between the city centre and the natural areas on the Alzette.

Preserving good, improving bad In preparation for further transport planning and an update of the development plan, fundamental questions about the role of the settlement in the overall urban context should be clarified. The ensemble and the building structures were built in the 19th century as minimal houses and today a large number of migrants have found their first residential property in Luxembourg. The aim here was, on the one hand, to strengthen the overall context and, on the other hand, to adapt the settlement to today’s requirements of usability and living quality.

Integrated planning and participation process Within the framework of two future workshops, the old and new inhabitants of the settlement were integrated into the master plan process in addition to politics and administration. Starting with structural interventions in the buildings, the special significance of the open space and development structure crystallised in the course of the work. Together with the residents, underused traffic and remaining areas were identified, fitted with additional living space functions and also concrete ideas for their implementation and design were developed.