Project Description

4th rank selection process by invitation in cooperation with prof. Susanne Duerr, Karlsruhe [2014]

<span style=”color: #333333;”><span class=”asp-bold”>A new centre for Bernhausen in the field of tension between contradictions. </span></span> The contradictions of Bernhausen on the levels of open space, traffic, functions and urban grains are leading to a deficit of recognisability, orientation and quality. The consequence of this has been a gradual loss of importance for years and the associated emptying of the city centre. A sustainable strategy can only develop in the area of conflict between contradictions and must provide answers at the levels of development, identity and quality of life.

<span class=”asp-extra”>Rediscovering talents </span>

An east-west landscape network takes up the historically grown field structures. The resulting sequences of spaces form the spatial framework for future development. In line with the above, the focus is on new, well developed uses, making public space an essential control element of the urban development concept.

<span class=”asp-extra”>arrive – linger – stay </span> On the levels of public space, transport, programme and the dimensions of the buildings, a framework for orientation and arrival in the city centre will be developed. In contrast to today’s strong surface sealing, the future image of the city centre will be determined by greenery and spatially defined sequences of squares, creating a very special atmosphere. The functions on the ground floor are controlled in response to the public space: different qualities of open space and equipment result in different uses.