Project Description

1st prize in a two-stage realisation competition in cooperation with UMnet, 2012

The Balanced Office Building (BOB) in Karlsruhe – two particularly efficient and sustainable office buildings in the creative area Alter Schlachthof. The Balanced Office Building, or BOB for short, was developed by the engineer dr. Bernhard Frohn. It is a response to the highly technical but often inefficient office buildings that are being built everywhere under the guise of sustainability. The BOB principle is to achieve a high level of comfort for the user with maximum efficiency of the technical systems and the lowest possible degree of installation. This is achieved, among other things, through the use of intelligent building management technology and software developed in-house.

For the competition in Karlsruhe, six offices were asked to design a building based on the BOB that offers flexible office space for innovative companies in the creative industry. The design was based on the specific guidelines of the urban development concept for the creative area Alter Schlachthof. On the ground floor, the buildings should be surrounded by an aura zone, a kind of private outdoor area that can be appropriated by the users. Instead of a single building, two differentiated bodies, a bolt and an angular building are proposed, which define two small squares. The façade made of exposed concrete with a striking nap structure reminiscent of tiled walls refers to the former use of the area as a slaughterhouse. In contrast, large wooden windows with deep reveals give the building a warm, inviting appearance.