Project Description

1st prize in a negotiated procedure according to EU VOB/A in cooperation with Michel and Wolf Architekten and WOLFF & MÜLLER Holding GmbH & Co KG.

The new building of the Albert Schaeffle School (ASS) in combination with the existing Fritz Ruoff School (FRS) and the associated sports hall will create a clearly defined school campus as a new centre. The new school building is oriented towards the surrounding large structures located at Auf dem SĂ€er. The building forms a border at the edge of the slope to the northwest and is an intermediary to the small residential area in the west. The main entrance faces east towards the campus and forms a new entrance axis which serves as a backbone and provides a connection to the bus stop and the parking facilities. A glazed joint between the building parts allows access to be seen from a distance.

Building idea Openness The spacious atrium connects the foyer with all levels of the floor. A skylight strip supplies this centre with daylight and creates a bright, friendly interior. Connecting walkways in the atrium are designed as wide spatial zones and offer areas for a stay, learning islands and exhibition. From the main entrance a large staircase with seating steps leads down to the lower level. Here, a flexibly usable event area is located in a central position.

Landscape area The outdoor recreation areas are located in a variety of recreational areas to the east of the new building and are thus positioned away from the noise of the adjacent residential buildings. The existing sports field is located at the same height as the playground and can also be used temporarily as a break area. To the south of the sports field, a new footpath connection to the entrance floor of the FRS (bridge to the canteen) is planned. The school and the surrounding areas will be integrated into the landscape. Orchard meadows are being restored to their natural character and surround the new building from the north and west. All the open spaces are suitable for absorbing and retaining rainwater. The remaining rainwater is collected and retained by the green roofs of the buildings, the permeable pavements and grassy hollows and ditches with underground gravel drainage channels below.