Project Description

3rd prize in the urban design competition “Lammbruecke/ Kick-off city centre ” in cooperation with Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur

A pictorial silhouette is created from the interplay of scaled city building blocks and the image of the historically eventful roof landscape of Achern, with the green slopes of the Black Forest in the background. The silhouette combines diverse functional offers as well as different typologies and roof forms to a concise overall image and strengthens the regional identity of the place.

City Building Block in Achern Currently, in the surroundings, there are “normal” neighbourhood and block structures which are frequently supplemented by an easily transposed special component with its own function and character, such as the slightly twisted upright Klauskirchl. This peculiarity is incorporated and further developed. The new buildings are understood as a continuation of the city’s core. Three structurally similar “sub-neighbourhoods” receive a moulding through a special building element suited to their respective urban situation. The autonomy of the neighbourhoods is recapitulated in the distinct orientation of the structures with pediments facing the silhouette. The formerly diffuse edge of the inner city gains a clear orientation towards the Acher River.

Connecting open spaces The urban planning settlement generates both space and garden spaces. Due to their public and identity-creating character, the squares are of great importance for the start of the city centre. The Acherplatz in the immediate vicinity of the intersection welcomes visitors. Historical trees at this point create a special atmosphere, which is complemented by a water table. Reference is made to the Acher and the focus is set back from traffic to the Acher. A continuous path connection is aimed for on the inner city side along the river Acher, linking significant open spaces with each other. A terrace as a central public space will be integrated in this area. A special location directly on the waterfront will be created, which can be used for gastronomic activities – a new local character that will make the city centre attractive. The town foyer on the street Zum Klauskirchl leads from the north into the town centre and invites you to linger under trees. The exterior design of the Klauskirchl with a high-quality square floor emphasises its solitary position in the city structure and promotes integration into the pedestrian area.
In contrast to the square rooms, the garden rooms, conceived as a garden courtyard and roof garden, are characterised by their private character. Intimate and public spaces create important meeting points and places that encourage random interaction between citizens. A path connection for pedestrian and bicycle traffic is provided along the newly designed shore area of the Acher, and a connection to the Glashuetten area is also guaranteed.

Exploitation The rearrangement of the main traffic junction “Lammbruecke” is limited to a slight shift of the railway road to the west as well as the removal of a turning lane on the main road and along the river Acher. Continuing the building edges coming from the city centre, this creates a generous path connection for pedestrians. To promote soft mobility in the city centre and to encourage citizens to walk or cycle, an attractive street design is proposed. The presence of parked cars in the cityscape is reduced by parking spaces on the area in underground garages and a parking plateau.

Utilisation mix The utilisation mix is derived from the adaptation of the existing uses in the city centre. Accordingly, space for retail and services on the ground floor and living on the upper floors are being considered. The offer is supplemented by areas for offices, restaurants along the river Acher and meeting points for the neighbourhood.
The historic Weinbrennerhaus in the city centre serves as a tourist link to the Illenau. The building can be used as a changing room for temporary exhibitions of the Arcade Museum, as well as for seminars and events.