April 2021
Our energy parking garage is the first building block for the second phase of construction of the new district Neckarpark. In the implementation phase, it was necessary to reconcile a variety of seemingly contradictory specifications: The building envelope had to be designed to ensure sufficient noise and glare protection for the adjacent neighborhood – which requires a facade that is as closed as possible. At the same time, the parking garage was to be naturally ventilated – which in turn requires a high level of air permeability. In addition, intensive facade greening with minimal maintenance requirements was fixed in the B-Plan.

In the office, we see such supposed contradictions as potential. In the search for the compatibility of contrary requirements, we set out to find specific solutions that can only be applied to this one specific project. Not the ordinary, but the special of a construction project should be revealed.

In the case of the parking garage, our solution was a multi-layered facade structure. A stainless steel net spans accross a diamond-shaped steel support structure, serving both as a climbing aid and as a fall protection. Green glass shingles arranged like scales on the north side provide sound insulation for the adjacent residential area through their overlapping, while at the same time maintaining natural ventilation.

Many thanks to Angelika Babucke, Ralph StÀcker, Hannah Kölbl, Onur Canvarol, Martina Rauh, Bårbara Riera Menéndez, Henriette Commichau, Raphael Dietz, Marisa Suttner, Laura Selwood, Carolina Estrada, Eugen Grass, Bernhard Heinnickel and Hans-Georg Heel for their ideas and commitment!