June 2021
In November 2020, we were able to complete the extensive renovation work at the Liederhalle Culture and Convention Center, Stuttgart. Although no events have been taken place so far, some have already been able to experience the result. Since December 2020, one of Stuttgart’s two central vaccination centers has been established here. Many thanks to all the helpers who are working there and do such an important job!

Stuttgart´s Liederhalle consists of the listed part by Gutbrod and Abel (1956) and the addition by Wolfgang Henning (1990/91). This “new” part had to be extensively renovated due to the shift from a pure concert building to a cultural and congress center and because of technical, functional deficiencies.

The lighting concept by pfarré lighting design, our color design and the guidance system by Studio Tillack Knöll contribute to the fact that the ceiling installations “disappear” and orientation in the building functions almost intuitively. For TGA, HVAC, building physics/ELT and FMT, EGS-plan GmbH and Ingenieurbüro Wörtz Part supported us. Halfkann + Kirchner fire protection engineers developed the fire protection concept.

Photos: Zooey Brown