November 2020
Together with Johannes Wenzel and koeber Landschaftsarchitektur we won the urban design competition „Ehemaliges Spinnereiareal an der Schützenstraße“ in Hof.

For the development of the former factory into a productive quarter our concept takes the historic zoning as reminiscence of the industrial past. Three sectors with differentiated quality and atmosphere are formed through a punctual densification in the northern part, a dense urban core area on the dimensions of the former factory hall and a water area in the southern part. The history of the site can still be experienced and is the base for a new part of the city Hof. Due to the dense building structure spatial proximity is formed. A diversity of life, communication and community can exist whilst hardly no new soil sealing is needed. The public urban space raises the quality of life not just on the site but also for the whole town. Micro climate and biodiversity are supported. With the new combination of production, service offering, housing and leisure a social and ecological integrated neighborhood is formed.