More space and modernity for the Mercedes-Benz Arena

March 2022 For many years now, we have been accompanying the development of the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Starting with the construction of the main grandstand back in 1973 and the distinctive membrane roof in 1993 up to the modifications for the World Cup 2006 and the conversion into a football-only stadium in 2011. Therefore, we [...]


Meaning – Resiliency and Sustainability for Architecture

November 2021 On the architecture stage at Pauline 51, experts will discuss modern, sustainable and future-oriented architecture in an in-depth exchange of experiences. In the first part, Cem Arat will speak alongside Martin Gessert and Marcus Zehle about resilient architecture in a social context. A subsequent roundtable discussion - with the courage to find [...]


New work environment

November 2021 How will we work in the future? Co-working and co-living spaces, virtual work, digital villages or urban factories - all scenarios for future work that affect architects at all scales and bring with them the opportunity to add a spatial dimension to transforming environments. The strategy group "New Work Environments" has the [...]


Digital Lectures “Public Spaces in Cultural Buildings of the Future”.

November 2021 Cem Arat and Markus Weismann will join the Digital Lectures "Public Spaces in Cultural Buildings of the Future" on November 16, 2012. The Digital Lectures bring together experts and visionaries in a digital series of events to discuss the cultural buildings of the future. Under the motto Future Trends - How We Will [...]


Opening of the exhibition Stuttgart Rosenstein

October 2021 From today the exhibition Stuttgart Rosenstein is open, located in Eichstraße 9, close to the city hall of Stuttgart. In the new exhibition and event room you can find all relevant information about the urban development project Stuttgart Rosenstein: on the 85-hectare large area a new urban district will be realized. Highlight of [...]


Opening of the ice rink in Chemnitz

October 2021 After a year and a half of construction, the new 400m speed skating rink was inaugurated in Chemnitz on Sunday. The approximately 50-year-old sports facility has now been replaced by a new facility suitable for competitions. In addition, the ice oval received an additional indoor surface. This can be used as an ice [...]

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