1st place in the competition for the ├ľsterfeldschule in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

May 2022 In the public procurement regulation process for the ├ľsterfeld School in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, our design was awarded first place! We are very happy and proud of our team's great work! MANY THANKS! The task was to establish an all-day elementary school in the four-grade elementary school in the center of Vaihingen as well [...]



May 2022 The modernization of the Mercedes-Benz Arena for the UEFA European Championship 2024 following the the principle of circular construction has interested not only the Stuttgarter Zeitung but also the Waiblinger Zeitung. While the Stuttgarter Zeitung reported in an article about the cooperation with Concular and the sale of individual components of the [...]


Multifunctional Congress Center MUCcc

April 2022 A new international convention center is to be built in Freising, which has the potential to become the new landmark of European event architecture. In the multi-stage competition process, our design was awarded second prize ­čął. We are proud of this result and the strong performance by our team. THANK YOU! And [...]

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