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Lunch Talk with InteriorPark.

March 2020 this week our second event of the 'asp' Freitagsformat takes place. We are happy to invite Andrea Herold and Tina Kammer from InteriorPark. to this Lunch Talk. Sustainability and circular economy have been discussed often recently. But which recycled, natural and recyclable products and materials truly deliver what they promises? This and other [...]


Interview on Rosenstein district: „Wir wollen Stadt radikal neu denken.”

Today in the @StuttgarterZeitung: Interview with Cem Arat, Markus Weismann and Jochen Köber about the Rosenstein district.Amber Sayah spoke with the planers. The quintessence of the conversation? If it was up to them, it would be as follow: "We want to think the city radically new."


Extension of the area of protection of culture at the northern railway station

December 2019 On the last saturday we had the chance to participate in the event for the extension of the area of protection of culture that was initiated by the Kunstverein Wagenhallen. We are happy about the positive developement of a creative quarter on this site.