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We are an interdisciplinary team of architects, urban planners and interior designers. Our various national backgrounds, interests and strengths, our long-standing and new employees motivate us in our daily work. We love the special challenges we face together as a team.

Managing Partners

Independent architect BDA (Association of German Architects)

Cem Arat studied architecture at the Technical University of Berlin, where he later worked as a lecturer at the Institute for Urban and Regional Planning, specialising in urban planning and human settlements.
Already during his studies in the office of Joachim Eble and Jutta Kalepky he intensively dealt with sustainable urban development and architecture. After founding an office partnership with J. Blunck in Berlin in 1997, Cem Arat joined Arat – Siegel & Partner (Berlin and Stuttgart) in 1998, where he became a partner in 2003. On 01.07.2006 he took over the office Arat-Siegel & Partner together with Karsten Schust and Jochen Siegel. Since 2008 he has been managing partner of asp Architekten GmbH.

Cem Arat was appointed to the BDA in 2005.

Independent architect BDA (Association of German Architects)

Karsten Schust studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart where he was initially employed as a research assistant and later as a lecturer at the Institute for Structural Construction and Designs Chair I until 2010. Beginning in January 1990, he worked for the architectural firm Siegel & Partner where he became a partner in 1992. This partnership was continued in the architectural office Arat-Siegel & Partner. On 1 July 2006, he took over the office Arat-Siegel & Partner with Cem Arat and Jochen Siegel. Since 2008, he has been a managing partner with asp Architekten GmbH.

Karsten Schust was appointed to the BDA in 2005.

Independent architect and urban planner BDA, DWB (German Association of Craftsmen)

Markus Weismann studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and at the TU in Delft (NL) after his training as a steel construction mechanic and his studies at the
Swiss Jazz School. After receiving his diploma, he was initially employed at the UNStudio in Amsterdam; in 1998, he was the founding partner of zipherspaceworks in Stuttgart. The office urban matters UMnet emerged from his employment as a research assistant at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT) under the chair of prof. Alex Wall (2008 –2015). He has been a managing partner with asp Architekten GmbH since 2017.

Markus Weismann is a DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) consultant and was appointed to the BDA in 2003 and the Deutscher Werkbund in 2014. Among other things, he has been awarded the Weissenhof Architecture Award.

Managing Directors

Master of Architecture

After graduating from high school in Ankara and a one-year stay in Palo Alto, USA, he studied architecture in English at the M.E.T.U. (Middle East Technical University) in Ankara.
Master’s thesis in the field of architecture on the topic of architecture as a way of life, “Architectural Understanding” according to Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Since 1991 competition work in the office “Planungsgruppe Arat – Volz”.
Since 1993 in the office “Arat – Siegel & Partner, project planning of event halls, sports facilities and administration buildings.
Handling of national and international projects.

Since 2017 Suna Konyalıoğlu is managing director of asp Architekten GmbH.

Graduated Engineer Architect

Dimitrios Kogios studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and then spent twelve months at the University of Seville on a DAAD fellowship. Before joining asp Architekten GmbH in 2004, Dimitrios Kogios worked at the Horst Haag office in Stuttgart from 1999 to 2004.
In 2005 he was awarded the “EUROPA-Architekt (IFBau)” certificate by the BW Chamber of Architects.

Dimitrios Kogios is managing director of asp Architekten GmbH since 2017.

Graduated Engineer Architect
Eberhard Becker already worked as a working student at Arat-Siegel & Partner during his architectural studies at the University of Stuttgart. Since 1997, Eberhard Becker has been employed as a graduate engineer and project manager in all areas of design and implementation planning as well as construction management, especially for large scale sports facilities.

Eberhard Becker is Managing Director of asp Architekten GmbH since 2017.

Team Members

Sybille Strauss
Sybille StraussAssistenz und Geschäftsleitung
StellaAssistenz und Geschäftsleitung
Marlies Wagenbrenner
Marlies WagenbrennerM.A. Architektur
Daniela Boog
Daniela BoogDipl.-Ing. Architektur
Achim Rosch
Achim RoschB.A. Architektur
Hannah Kölbl
Hannah KölblDipl.-Ing. Architektur
Onur Canvarol
Onur CanvarolB.Sc. Architektur
Alma Ibralic
Alma IbralicDipl.-Ing. Architektin
Martina Rauh
Martina RauhDipl.-Ing. Architektin
Hande Bellikli
Hande BellikliB.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Sabrina Bauer
Sabrina BauerDipl.-Ing. (FH) Architektin
Eugen Grass
Eugen GrassM.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Vera Kohler
Vera KohlerDipl.-Ing.(FH) Innenarchitektur
Nouran Mansour
Nouran MansourB.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Thomas Herold
Thomas HeroldDipl.-Ing. Architekt
Barbara Riera Menendez
Barbara Riera MenendezDipl.-Ing. Architektur
Jana Melber
Jana Melber M.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Marie-Eve Beyer
Marie-Eve BeyerDipl.-Ing. Architektin
Henriette Commichau
Henriette CommichauM.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Irene Schweizer
Irene SchweizerM.A. Architektur
Angelika Babucke
Angelika BabuckeDipl.-Ing. (FH) Architektin
Hans-Georg Heel
Hans-Georg HeelDipl.-Ing. Architekt
Larissa Abdelhadi
Larissa AbdelhadiDipl.-Ing. Architektin
Bernhard Heinickel
Bernhard HeinickelDipl.-Ing. (FH) Architekt
Katarina Welzel
Katarina WelzelDipl.-Ing. (FH) Architektin
Marisa Iwata
Marisa IwataDip.-Ing. Architektin
Melek Türkmen
Melek TürkmenDipl.-Ing. (FH) Architektin
Florina Dietz
Florina DietzDipl.-Ing. Architektin
Deborah Kunz
Deborah KunzM.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Borbala Kneip
Borbala KneipM.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Yanxin Chen
Yanxin ChenM.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Claudia Maurer
Claudia Maurer Dipl.-Ing. Architektur
Jelena Ilic
Jelena IlicM.Sc. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Tamer Nasifoglu
Tamer NasifogluDipl.-Ing. Architektur
Jens Majer
Jens MajerM.A. Architektur
Fatih Altuntas
Fatih AltuntasDipl.-Ing. (FH) Architektur
Wiebke Schneider
Wiebke SchneiderDipl.-Ing. Architektur

asp Architekten GmbH maintains a close exchange with its long-standing partners and representatives from business, chambers, associations and municipalities and can fall back on the competencies of its partners in various areas if required. The confluence of diverse perspectives and competencies makes it possible to generate synergies and innovative ideas for our projects.