Building on valuable experience and rethinking matters at the same time. Our office can look back on a long planning tradition and a multitude of projects of all sizes. This wealth of experience and the constant new examination of individual planning tasks form the basis of our work. We work in interdisciplinary teams on projects of the most varied scales, from urban quarters to building construction and interiors. Classic planning methods go hand in hand with innovative tools.

Social responsibility The human being with his needs and requirements is the focus of our planning. We refer to the three pillars of sustainability: economy, ecology and society.

Interfaces As urbanists we are concerned with the interaction between house and city. As architects, we design concrete, diverse and surprising living spaces. This is why we always view projects from different perspectives, from the large-scale, urban structure to the eye level of the users.

Built quality We do not think in disciplines and standards; we think in solutions. We work with a cross-scale planning approach in which all relevant disciplines are involved in the design process at an early stage.

Team playerWe see our office as a community. The combinations of different talents and disciplines as well as regular lectures, further training and joint excursions drive us forward. This gives us the opportunity to share knowledge and to discuss current topics and requirements.

Local and internationalDue to our different nationalities and diverse backgrounds, an international network has grown over the years. Our realised sports and cultural buildings as well as awards and distinctions at urban planning and architectural competitions underline this fact. Our self-conception is shaped by this openness towards different cultures.