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Darmstadt 2030+


Darmstadt grows smart ... and reinvents itself! Together with our partner laboratory for urban locations and processes, we were able to develop future-oriented ideas for the "science and work city" of Darmstadt in a cooperative participation process, controlled by Urban Catalyst. In four citizens' forums, our work was combined with the findings from [...]

Baugruppe EFEU, Stuttgart


A discussion of building culture – Creating dynamic spaces. As part of a diverse district, the design of plot 4.4 introduces a lively and charismatic atmosphere to the area. The ‘’heart’’ of the building is a sculptural spatial structure, consisting of a vertical development core with connected common areas. The different characters of the [...]

Presentation of our design in front of the Stuttgart urban development panel


May 2019 As the Winners of the urban development of Rosenstein competition, we have the chance in the middle of May to present our design to the Stuttgart urban development panel. An exciting and interesting discussion that will form the groundwork for further design development.

Podium discussion in the frame of: „Rosenstein. Making of”


May 2019 As a part of the cooperation of the regional capital of Stuttgart and the Rosenstein archive Auf der Prag e.V. is hosting three themed evenings which are dedicated to the town development of Stuttgart. At the beginning of May we were allowed to take part in the first of the themed evenings: “How [...]

International competition Rosenstein, Stuttgart


First prize in the competition “Rosenstein – new ideas for a city district in Stuttgart” together with Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur, ee Concept/ Darmstadt, Philipp Bouteiller/ Berlin, Koehler & Leutwein/ Karlsruhe The interplay of open spaces, connection routes and references to urban spaces, as well as locational qualities, uses and typologies creates a coherent district with the [...]

First prize in the international competition Rosenstein/ Stuttgart


April 2019 We are happy that we could receive the first prize in the competition "Rosenstein - new ideas for a city district in Stuttgart" together with Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur, ee Concept/ Darmstadt, Philipp Bouteiller/ Berlin, Koehler & Leutwein/ Karlsruhe