May 2022
In the public procurement regulation process for the Österfeld School in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, our design was awarded first place! We are very happy and proud of our team’s great work! MANY THANKS!

The task was to establish an all-day elementary school in the four-grade elementary school in the center of Vaihingen as well as to renovate the school at its main location in Katzenbachstraße.

Our design offers a holistic response to the multi-layered task: Our main goal was to enable the transformation into a future-proof, barrier-free and sustainable elementary school with daytime operations. Furthermore, the design is characterized by the idea of preserving the building ensemble as far as possible, renovating the historic school building as well as the gymnasium and assembly hall, and realizing an all-day area, administration and cafeteria by demolishing and rebuilding the intermediate building. In order to connect the individual buildings in a way that can be experienced, our design forms a central school street, a kind of communicative connecting zone and backbone for the entire school.