asp stands for architecture, city development and processes.

We process projects in different scales – from small to large, from the strategical level to the built detail. In interdisciplinary teams we create multi-scaled projects, from urban districts to buildings and up to interiors.

  • 2020-24_Beitrag-B14_Bauwelt-WA-aktuell_asp

Neuer Stadtraum B14, Stuttgart

December 2020 Currently there are many discussions about our winning concept for the urban design competition "Neuer Stadtraum B14". Recently published in the November issue of wa wettbewerbe aktuell and Bauwelt 24.2020.

  • 2020-11 asp Wettbwerb Hof

First prize of the urban design competition in Hof

November 2020 Together with Johannes Wenzel and koeber Landschaftsarchitektur we won the urban design competition „Ehemaliges Spinnereiareal an der Schützenstraße“ in Hof. For the development of the former factory into a productive quarter our concept [...]